The Norwegian Manhood test 2012

Are you a real man?
Are you a real man?
This exceptional and extreme trail running event for teams takes place in Rondane National Park in Norway between the 3rd and the 5th of August 2012 – depending on the weather.
The Park is home to some beautiful and very rough terrain. Including 10 famous peaks of more than 2,000 meters.
Each team member will need to scale the summit of all 10 peaks and cross the finish line within 24 hours in order to complete the “test” and become a real man… in Norway.
The total length of the course is approximately 50 km and with 4,500 meters of positive altitude change. The trek is only partial marked and basic navigational skills are therefore required by at least one team member.
Teams will furthermore need to be self-sufficient throughout the event.
The Norwegian Manhood Test 2012 is only open for 10 teams with proven qualification. 
Participants who finish the event within 24 hours will receive two qualifying points for the world largest and most prestigious trail run, The North Face® Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc®.
Make no mistake - this is as tough as it gets.
Read an article about the 2012 event her (only in Danish).
The course
The course
The course
The course is called "Rondane Rundt" in Norwegian and is a clockwise round trip of approximately 50 km and with 4,500 meters of positive altitude change. The main objective of the event is to “climb” the areas 10 peaks within 24 hours. The ten peaks are:
  1. Veslesmeden of 2,015 meters
  2. Storsmeden of 2,016 meters
  3. Trolltinden of 2,018 meters
  4. Digerronden of 2,015 meters
  5. Midtronden, western summit, of 2,060 meters
  6. Midtronden, eastern summit, of 2,042 meters
  7. Høgronden of 2,114 meters
  8. Rondeslottet of 2,178 meters and the areas highest peak.
  9. Vinjeronden of 2,044 meters
  10. Storronden of 2,138 meters
The course was completed for the first time in 1986 and has since then been called the unofficial Norwegian Manhood Test. Maps of the area will be provided at the event briefing which will be held at Rondvassbu cabin at 8 PM on the 3rd of August.
The route is only partial marked and basic navigational skills are therefore needed.
You can read an article about the "Rondane Rundt" here (in Norwegian) and an article about the Norwegian Manhood Test from the Danish running magazine, LøbeMagasinet, here (in Danish).
Sunrise in Rodane National Park
Sunrise in Rodane National Park
The Norwegian Manhood test is a team event and each team must consist of minimum two people. As the route is only partial marked must one member of the team have proven navigational skills. It is further more a requirement that each member of the team is 18 years or older.
Each team has 24 hours to complete the Norwegian Manhood test. After crossing the finishing line will each team member need to prove that they climbed each of the 10 summits. It is advised to use camera.    
There is and aid station halfway through the track and each team must pass through it and check in with the officials.
If you need to withdraw from the event you must immediately notify an official at the start/finish or at the aid station. If you team consist of two or more will the team be allowed to finish the event.
In case on an accident do you need to seek help at either the start/finish or at the aid station. Note that this is a very remote area with no or only limited cell phone coverage.
Before starting the event will a check be made to confirm that and you and your team have the following mandatory equipment.
Team equipment:
  • Waterproof sleep coverage or windsack (must be able to cover all team members)
  • Compass
  • First aid kit (at least elastic bandage, blister pads, survival blanket, compresses and tape)
Personal equipment - apart from normal trail running gear:
  • Long sleeve top of thermal material Eg. down, fleece or wool
  • Wind/waterproof jacket with hood
  • Full leg cover e.g long running tights
  • Sleeping mattress (minimum 5 mm thick, at least as long as your back)
  • Headtorch/Torch.
  • Spare Batteries.
  • Whistle
We furthermore strongly urge you to use running/tracking poles. We recommend the Axess W70 with a rubber walkingfoot. Read more about the Axess W70 here.
As the Norwegian Manhood test is a self-sufficient event will each team need to prove that they carry sufficient nutrition to finish the event.
If the equipment of you and your team is not approved the team will not be permitted to start the event.
This goes without saying - No littering. Please respect the natural beauty and the rights of everyone to enjoy them.
Accommodation and getting there
Rondane National Park is approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Oslo. If you go by car, you need to leave the E6 just south of Otta. Drive towards Mysuseter where you continue to Spranget. Alternatively can you go by bus or train to Otta where you can take a bus to Spranget.
From Spanget will you need to walk (or run) to Rondvassbu cabin. A trip of approximately 6 kilometers. Here can you either sleep in your own tent or in the cabin which is owned and operated by the Norwegian Trekking Association.
It is not possible to book a room in advance but according to “mountain” rules will all guest get a place to sleep.
There is nothing like sleeping on the floor after a long and very hard run…
Perhaps that will be the real test of willpower.
Read more about the cabin her.
Participant list and results
Nine teams participated in The Norwegian Manhood Test 2012.
The nine teams where (after starting time):
1. Carl Mar:
- Niels Gram
- Søren Thomas Paulsen
Starting time: 07:32
Aid station:16:25
Finishing time: 08:30 (10 out of 10 peaks)
2. Team 300:
- Jacob Frydenlund Larsen
- Kim Hansen
Starting time: 07:34
Aid station: 15:45
Finishing time: 23:05 (5 out of 10 peaks)
3. Team-MATE:
- Teit Anton Nilsen
- Mads Malmros
Starting time: 07:35
Aid station: 18:50
Finishing time: 22:15 (3 out of 10 peaks)
- Victor Larsen
- Jonathan Kærn
Starting time: 07:36
Aid station: 14:40
Finishing time: 03:40 (10 out of 10 peaks)
5. Casper, Christian & Patrick:
- Casper Dalsø
- Christian Nørfelt
- Patrick Kirkby (3 out of 10 peaks, finishing time:23:15)
Starting time: 07:37
Aid station: 16:25
Finishing time: 05:35 (10 out of 10 peaks)
6. Hombres, no payasos:
- Fernando Rascon
- Fernando de Samanigo Steta
Starting time: 07:38
Aid station: 22:10
Finishing time: 02:00 (3 out of 10 peaks)
7. Team IFK / InterSport Ikast:
- Jannik Henriksen
- Andreas Mathiassen
Starting time: 07:39
Aid station: 19:15
Finishing time: 22:40 (3 out of 10 peaks)
8. Team Into the wild:
- Christian Andresen
- Mads Ross Petersen
Starting time: 07:40
Aid station: 21:05
Finishing time: 01:15 (3 out of 10 peaks)
9. Whiteout Adventures:
- Mathias Kolringen
- Lasse Jonasson
- Lasse Kristensen
- Steen Rasmussen
Starting time: 07:47
Aid station: 20:05
Finishing time: 23:15 (3 out of 10 peaks)